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Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

This time our adventures took us to Southeast Asia, nearly at the other side of the world. For those who have not heard about Malaysia, it is a country next to Thailand and connected by a bridge and a causeway to Singapore. When we first landed there I immediately knew that it is a completely different world as we know

Mauritius - Isle de France

Mauritius, the island of one's dreams in the Indian Ocean, is known for its turquoise blue ocean and the wonderful white beaches and its top hotels. An island of volcanic origin, between 'La Réunion' and the 'Seychelles', east of Madagascar. One speaks of a tropical island as in a storybook.
The island isn't very rich in species, but there are

Emerald Isle - Ireland

This summer we went to the Emerald Isle, also known as Ireland, in the North Atlantic. There is talk of very nice landscapes, of all the natural wonders, of the inhabitants who welcome the tourists with open arms and not to forget all the pubs.


It was a two-week journey and we started out with travelling in the South. Our