Can the ending be considered expectable ? Just ?

  • Novel based on foreshadowing : to give a suggestion of something that has not yet happened
  • Gatsby introduces Nick to Wolfshiem (gambler) : hint that Gatsby obtained all of his wealth by illegal means rather than legitimate business
  • Gatsby wants to show Daisy his house (wealth) : foreshadows that Daisy just married Tom because of his money, not because she loves him. It reinforces the belief that Daisy may leave Tom for Gatsby
  • Daisy's unattainability (Gatsby who reaches out to the green light) : Gatsby's disappearance into death, the object of desire will never be obtained, Gatsby is unable to fully attain her just as the green light will never come closer to him
  • Myrtle's death is foreshadowed by Tom's car accident, the car accident after the party at Gatsby's, Jordan who almost run over a workman. It takes two to make an accident : carelessness of both Daisy and Myrtle
  • The ending is expectable : Myrtle and Gatsby who die and George who commits suicide