Analyse the relationship between Gatsby and Nick Carraway

  • At the beginning of the novel : they have a very reserved and cordial relationship
  • They are friendly, Nick admires Gatsby, but he feels that Gatsby is hiding something and that he cannot be trusted
  • Gatsby uses Nick to reunite with Daisy : Gatsby wants to impress Nick, to manipulate him in order to get what he wants
  • Gatsby is a lonely man : he spends time with Nick in order not to be alone and have a distraction from his thoughts
  • Nick is very supportive of Gatsby : he helps him, provides reassurance, just sees the good in a negative character
  • Nick is very understanding of Gatsby : he is loyal and defensive of him, even if he knows that Gatsby may be dishonest
  • After Gatsby's death Nick continues his loyalty : goes to the funeral, it seems that Nick was his only real friend